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Corporate Radios are an innovative radio model allowing companies and institutions to rely on a single platform to broadcast music and exclusive contents. StreamRadio creates, implements and manages tailor-made online corporate radio channels.

Benefits of Corporate Radio

Corporate Radios have become an original and distinguishing marketing element, the perfect tool to enhance communication and corporate identity, and a way to increase competitiveness. Without a doubt, Corporate Radio is the radio of the future.

The opportunities offered by the Internet as a universal network for the dissemination of contents in real time are allowing many companies worldwide to incorporate into their global marketing strategies the creation of their own multimedia channels to promote their products and special offers. One of such channels is the so-called Corporate Radios, an innovative radio model that enables companies and institutions to rely on a single platform to broadcast music and exclusive contents. By allowing you to convey messages to a specific audience with maximum efficiency, the best quality of signal transmission and a reduced cost, Corporate Radios have become an original and distinguishing marketing element, the perfect tool to enhance communication and corporate identity, and a way to increase competitiveness.

Permanent broadcasting

Corporate Radios are digital radio stations designed to broadcast 24 hours a day through the Internet. By using any Internet-connected device you can listen to a corporate audio channel at any time and place.

Tailor-made radio

Corporate Radios are 100% customizable. They are a tailored tool for marketing and communication that permits to define your music channels, information contents and advertising messages.

High audio quality

Audio coding systems over IP permit to carry the radio signal with maximum reliability, offering top audio clarity. Online stations can be listened to without interference and with the best sound quality.

Easy implementation

Corporate Radios are easy to implement. This feature directly affects production costs; so, with a small investment you can develop and maintain a Corporate Radio at full capacity.

Our Solutions

StreamRadio implements online radio channels based on the following systems: “Brand Radio” (radio for brands), “In Store Radio” (musical setting and advertising solutions for chain stores), “Staff Radio” (radio solutions for Internal Communication), and “Event Radio” (re-broadcasting of live events).

“In Store Radio” is an innovative tool allowing for the customization of shopping centers with a musical, informative and advertising solution that is both homogeneous and integrated.
“Brand Radio” is a customized online radio model whose main goal is to enhance brand values and identity while reinforcing marketing strategies.

“Staff Radio” is an efficient resource of Internal Communication that permits to implement a musical and informative solution specifically aimed at the employees of a company.

Event Radio systems have been designed to make radio broadcasts live via streaming of any event: conferences, presentations, fairs and concerts.

Our Services

In order to develop a fully guaranteed Corporate Radio system, we offer a comprehensive service where we take care of the whole process, from implementing the required technology to generating musical, advertising and informative contents.

At StreamRadio we have a team of professional radio editors, script writers and announcers who prepare the most suitable programming for each station, working in full coordination with our client’s Marketing, Communication or Human Resources Departments.
Our expert musicologists carefully analyze the musical style, rhythm and updating periods to define 100%-personalized music channels, suited to the values of each brand and adapted to each business model and their customer or employee profiles.
At StreamRadio we produce all the continuity elements of online stations, such as indicative modules, head-ends, jingles and spots, as well as advertising and promotional programs. We have specialized announcers and professional singers and composers to produce jingles.
At StreamRadio we can provide our clients with radio contents in over fifty languages. We offer a text writing and translation service delivered by a great professional team comprising over one thousand native announcers of various nationalities and with different registers.
To create interactivity with the listener, at StreamRadio we offer the possibility to integrate radio players with Facebook and other social media. Also, through social networks we can broadcast additional information in real time about the music or contents being played.
One of the most interesting features of online radio is its multiplatform capability, which allows you to tune into the stations through any Internet-connected device. At StreamRadio we develop the applications required so that radio stations may be listened to via different devices.
To implement online radio broadcasting, we use the latest technologies, both in terms of streaming servers and automation software. To ensure maximum service availability, we host our servers in three powerful data centers. The entire system runs in Cloud mode.
StreamRadio offers an audience analysis system through comprehensive statistics including detailed information on the number of listeners, total and average listening time, hourly segment preferences, connection devices and geolocation maps of listeners worldwide.
At StreamRadio we plan and implement any PA systems required for radio broadcasting. We offer different solutions, both hardware and software, which allow us to connect our broadcast system to the client’s PA installations.

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